Project Management and Integration

Managing the balance between cost, schedule, and performance is the Project Manager’s expertise.  Resolution provides independent Project Management analysis to help you make sure your team is on track.  Our Project Managers will sift through the data and help identify any lurking risks to mitigate or hidden opportunities that can be capitalized upon.

Data Processing and Visualization

You can collect all the test data you want and still have an incomplete picture of what is happening within the system.  Resolution specializes in processing data and delivering intuitive tabular and graphical results to help you understand how the system is performing.  We can also build data processing tools to help automate and accelerate the timeline from information to results.

Test Design, Monitoring, and Analysis

Planning for your system test can be the most exciting and stressful part of development.  Resolution has the experience and expertise to help identify critical test activities, correct test flow, and provide cooperative support equipment to validate all requirements. During the test execution, our analysts provide monitoring and reporting to add clarity and simplicity to the process of getting the results.

Verification Assessments

Ever wonder if your developer is meeting the intent of the requirements verification matrix?  Resolution analysts are skilled at interpreting engineering data and providing simple, direct, and accurate assessments to validate a verification report.  We can also provide recommendations on additional analysis that would support meeting the verification requirement in the event of an incomplete proposal from your developer.

Milestone Review

As major programs mature, Resolution stands at the ready to help assess feasibility for all program milestones.  From Initial, to Preliminary, to Critical Design reviews, we can assist in poring through the volumes of data to help you make milestone decisions.  We can help you ask the right questions at the right time to keep your program on track.

Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Analysis

Understanding where you are vulnerable and where you are strong is a great recipe for success.  Resolution is experienced at identifying not only a program’s strengths and weaknesses, we can also help with appropriate and cost-effective mitigations.

Failure and Fault Analysis

The best way to avoid repeat failures is to find and fix the root cause for the first failure.  Fault trees, fish bones, and multi-disciplinary engineering expertise are some of the tools Resolution brings to the table on failures investigations.  Failures can be expensive, even program-ending in some cases.  Let Resolution help you avoid them.